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Advantages of home extensions in London

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If you are looking to find the best home extension builders in London you are at the right place! Here we are going to share with you some tips on why you need to extend a house and how to find professional builders for extensions.

Aesthetics are important not just for looks, but in the architectural field, beauty and functionality go along and are very complimentary with one another. A home extension is also a cost-effective alternative in selling your home or building an extra special area for your place. It can be used in many ways and for different personal reasons. However, you want it to be, you got it. In this article, you can find inspirational ideas for beautiful stunning, and outstanding home extensions. If you are trying to figure out a way how to make the most of your new house, we can help you with everything you need to know.

The most common rooms that homeowners choose to extend are the kitchen, master bedroom, or den. If these rooms are located in an outer area, it is easy to extend the space by knocking out a wall and making the room bigger. You can install large windows for more light, or glass in an entire wall. You can also add a fireplace with built-in bookshelves for a cozy seating arrangement

Home extensions are not just more space, it’s a whole new room for you!

Beautiful home extension in London.

For a London, family space can be hard to find, and extremely costly. That is why people often try to find house extension building services. But of course, it is hard to find the best general contractor. This is because you don’t know about their expertise or previous projects.

The benefits of home extensions are not just connected with having some more space in your kitchen or personal room. You can have a totally new room for yourself. This way you add more value to your property got more space for your personal things, and don’t spend as much as building a new room from scratch. Yes, building a new room is a more expensive way than hiring a London home extension builder to expand your current room.

5 More amazing reasons you should really consider extending your house

1 – You don’t need to buy a bigger house, somewhere else

A lot of us tend to get really bonding experiences not just with people but with objects as well. So it’s easier for us to get attached to some of the most valuable things we have. So that is why home extensions are just better than abandoning our current home

If you think about it,  all the memories you have created there, make you acknowledge that extra space in your house is an alternative nicer choice. Also, your community will not feel good, hearing that one of their close neighbors is about to move to another area. Leaving your familiar area around you can be very challenging, let alone the start-over process. For many people, developing other relationships around their area can take not just months but years. Once you become part of the community, you do not have to give all that up.

Image of London City from a beautiful point of view.

2 –It’s cost-effective

When it comes to anything in life, we need to make the best decisions on finances, especially during those times thinking about relocating our home. So everything depends on your budget, this big factor affects every choice on how to move forward. So, is moving to another area a genuinely good choice for you? Once we break down everything on why home extensions are better, you will get a full perspective and come up with other solutions. You have every right to have many options, gaining clarity will help you with more to come.

This home improvement process can depend on how much effort you are willing to make, so once you go through this route, all the worries about costs associated with relocating or even selling your old home will fly out the window. How irritating can, trying to find the perfect real estate agency with lower fees, deal with marketing costs etc. Do not forget other issues like moving costs, disconnection, and connection pricy fees as well as all the other chargers associated with moving, in case something wrong happens down the road.

3 – You can spend less, and add more value to your home

What is true about choosing to have home extensions, is that you can save some extension costs, for sure. Thinking long term on how to invest in a good design and constructed extension can add so much more value to your house, and financial value too. This can result in a profitable house if, of course, you decide to sell that eventually. Seeing so much potential in your home, makes everyone more interested, just by being open to these new ideas.

If you already have a big house, with so much space in it, that doesn’t mean that building an extension might not be right for you. Everyone is allowed to do whatever they want to do

With a small house or even a sizeable house. How can we fix the situation if we find ourselves having enough bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or an entire garden? Consider adding some land space availability or the option to extend upward, it’s definitely a good idea.  

4 – Everything we love, we keep and everything we hate, we get the chance to filter it away

When we first buy a home, the entire family usually loves certain things and elements about this new space. Every object can have unique features or a lot of availability of land. It’s these features that make us attached to our special place and let us with a more difficult haunting house process, finding the exact same fundamentals on other houses.

Trying again to find that familiarity, is not worth the time, that’s why choosing to remodel and add maybe some kitchen extension in your existing property, sounds fun and exciting.

Home renovation is an upgrade for everyone in your family but the best part is keeping the same features that you love plus a little something. So before acknowledging that changing some of the things and keeping the other stuff that you love, is something you are into, now you do understand the beauty of this. You have everything under control and feel free to create your dream home whenever and however you want it to be.

Illustration of a beautiful home extension with a snow view.

5 – The benefits of House extension in terms of your lifestyle

Every person has their own opinion, so we might trigger people from different perspectives, with the renovations and house extensions idea, for a simple reason only. Some of these projects can sometimes be disruptive to your life, right? But what if we tell you that, that strongly depends on if you make the right choices or not. Only when you find the right team with who you will engage for caring out these renovations, then you will be happy with the results.

It is very easy to understand that working with the wrong team frightens people more by taking this idea into consideration. For example: if you choose a really bad builder who unfortunately does not have a good system, quitting or handling by yourself is the first thing that pops into mind. On the other hand, people with good experiences, in fact, found a good builder whom they can trust and who processes the work you first visioned. The perfect fit allows you and your entire family to take a closer look throughout the construction process, then of course this house extension is a genuinely good idea and far from disruptive.

Everyone has a unique house, so the journey will particularly be different. If someone lives in a large object, they may not feel the need to stay for a period of time in other places, and that is because, during construction time, no one is getting disturbed. In other cases, people with small houses will want to find somewhere else to stay, while construction is being carried out.

While this is not a plus for everyone, remaining in your house during that time is a financial advantage. For the most part, it will help save on costs and other logistics for a place to stay elsewhere.

Here are some of the best extensions types

Amazing modern extension type ideas London.

Plenty of ideas are being represented on how to transform your home. When it comes to home extension type, we are not just mentioning the most common rooms we know. If you fancy adding more kitchens, master bedrooms, or bathrooms that is fine. But You can also add in the living space area, a nice fireplace with bookshelves and other decorations for a more cozy feeling when spending that family- time with your house members.  

Extension on your front house

The first thing you want to take into consideration is that, because this is the most visible side of your house, and is next to the street, you need to take care and make sure of a good planning investigation. Adding a new porch on your extended part of the house will create a great impact on the garden being untouched by strangers. You can use that to further a new ground floor and also enlarge that living space.

Side extensions of your house

The use of a side house extension is another good option. Be creative and have fun with your planning, there are no rules and limits whatsoever. This side house extension can be used as an excellent addition to level off the back of your house and completely transform your very own property.

What about a Semi-detached house extension

With a help of a professional architect, you can also change your semi-detached house, without annoying your neighbor next to you or needing to build any party wall connected with them. So extending your property further, will not be a problem at all. During the planning stage, this kind of semi-detached house can benefit from permitted development rights. Which helps more and that is good news for you.

Terraced extensions at your house

In case you share a party wall with your next-door neighbors, notice getting permission before you start the construction project. Of course, extending a terraced house can be terrifying, for privacy issues as well. As above mentioned, your neighbor’s peace of mind is an important factor playing. Being aware that this can affect some boundaries because of this shared object, you need to take a step back and think through it carefully. Once you make sure to take e step forward, after the approval you 100% are safe to go for the plan execution.

Back-of-the-house extensions

This popular idea of backhouse extensions is spreading everywhere. For a good reason only, it is very interesting, adaptable, and practical to add this kind of space to your favorite house. Some of the options include a new first-floor bedroom, offices, playrooms to play ping-pong billards, etc. Also, adding popular glazing, such as bi-fold doors, to this new renovation provides a better connection to your garden and brings better light getting into your home.

Flat-pack house extensions

This type of home extension is quite popular, especially over the last decade. People love a cost-effective way to build an extension for their house in a shorter period of time than waiting on the construction process to end. Meanwhile being patient in a rented house, cousin’s house, or grandma’s house. No one has the time to wait for too long, so you might think this is the best type of all the others. However, this type of construction offers very little to no customization.

We believe that we should make the most benefits out of home project extensions. We broke down for you many types of house extensions that you can choose from, so do not feel sad yet, if you want more facts.

Some facts about home extension buildings in London.

People with garden space can benefit mostly for some extra space

This type can be suitable for large gardens at the back of your house. So you can easily extend that part of your home, to create the best memories with your family members and have an intimate experience with your garden. You can also add some big sliding doors along with an open plan space, that can allow the light and air to come through.

It can add more personal space for big families, at lower costs

Big families with lots of members are in need of single-story extensions. Personal space is important when it comes to living in a comfortable house. Some properties enjoy creating nice bedrooms with walk-in closets, fitted wardrobes, children’s studies, and guest rooms. It sounds luxurious but most of these families need this kind of space to live with the same comfort as other tiny families do. Remember, the possibilities are always endless.

They can be an amazing solution for a different kind of kitchen or modern office & playrooms

For many homeowners, there are perfect opportunities into creating an amazing open kitchen that leads to a gym placed in the garden, along with guest rooms or even offices and playrooms to have fun during the free time around the house. There are several ways to modify this free space between the side of your house and the backyard wall.

Great solution for people that love open kitchens

If you are planning on re-configuring an open kitchen living, extensions can be the best project for you. The name itself suggests this incredible idea on how to use the space you target on changing. This is also one of the big-time trends in London, giving yourself an open space not just for an open kitchen- living area but for other types of rooms. You can create game rooms or cinema rooms, in use when home guests are bored or maybe planning a romantic date night with a spouse.

What are the main qualities of a professional home extension builder in London?

Searching for the right builder to manage your extension project is very important. You want to find someone who is professional and understands the vision you want to achieve for your house in order to get transformed. You can speak to an extensions specialist to ensure a successful build.

Speaking with experienced tradespeople is recommended, but before you make the decisions here are some signs you should look forward to:

Being comfortable attending a first-time meeting with your future builder is key.

Interviewing the builder in front of you, asking for previous experience, projects, and how long have they worked are great questions to make. But you also want to know about their character and what they are like. Home extensions require patience as they might take a very long time to finish. Help yourself by picking someone you can get along with and have a good conversation with.

Looking out for greater experience

After all this information given, the most basic thing you should probably be aware of by now is that patience is the number one skill you have to have. Is normal to be a skeptic around people that claim to promise a short amount of time for the job to be done, raise your suspicions. All that can promise is that can be reliable for any issue coming up through this journey. They should be there to help you overcome anything.

Try to look forward to builders that already built house extensions with the same vision as yours, find similarity

A nice green flag is a confident builder who voluntarily wants you to see their previous work. It helps on building trust before building your extensions of the house. They should be willing to proudly show it without you even asking. Do not be shy, and do not take steps back if you want to know more about them. You must feel safe before making your dream house a reality.

Try contacting DAJA Contractors Ltd, we’ll hear every question carefully to the details and provide you the answer you needs. Oh yes, we never charge for giving advice or preparing a quote.

London house extension builders professionals.

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