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A stable structure is often a sign of a stable future for your company or residence, that is why you need a team of experts to help you in your construction project. Whether you need to perform a blockwork restoration or improve your blockwork walling systems, we are the ones to call. Daja Construction LTD is one of the most trusted and client-focused construction companies out there. We prioritize client satisfaction without sacrificing the safety and stability of your project. When hiring us, you know you have the best Blockwork Contractors in London. Do not hesitate to check out our other services either. We offer a wide array of services in the construction field. Not only can you call us when you require a blockwork construction service, but we also will be able to provide assistance with turnkey projects, brickwork, plumbing and much more!
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Differences between Blockwork and Brickwork

Though they are both important elements of masonry construction, there are certain differences that make them stand apart, yet work marvelously together.


Blockwork is a technique used in the construction field that implies the use of large concrete blocks or cement blocks. Their hollow centers (when they have them) make them lighter and easier to work with, along with increasing its ability for insulation.

Blocks have been in use since the 1930s, back then used as the inner part of cavity walls. Nowadays though, they are used in the construction of load-bearing walls, retaining walls, partitions and foundations, all of these being essential parts of the construction of a building.


Brickwork, on the other hand, tends to be used for aesthetic value, however that does not mean they are lacking in strength or that their ability to withstand harsh weather is poor. Clay blocks are actually quite sturdy.

Bricks are often more expensive than blocks, though this varies depending on the material they are made of. They are also mostly used as an attractive, low maintenance option to decorate and offer support to a structure.

So which one should you choose?

To summarize, one could say that, more often than not, blocks are used to provide security and support to a wall, while bricks are used to add onto that support and offer an aesthetic value.

Deciding between the two will depend on certain factors, such as budget, climate, desired outcome of the structure and even the type of project being developed.

Though it may seem simple, brickwork and blockwork require a certain degree of knowledge that not everyone has, differentiating between cement, concrete and clay blocks is also necessary. Only with extensive knowledge and experience will a group of contractors create solid block work.

Our team of London blockwork experts is ready to assist you. They will offer their insight on the build and design of the building, whether it is commercial, industrial, residential or any other, to provide you with the best solutions.

Advantages of Blockwork

Now that you know what brickwork and blockwork are, you must probably have an idea of what sort of masonry technique is best for your project, or if you would prefer the contractors make use of both for better results.

But, in case you are wondering why blockwork is important or have your doubts about it, let us give you a rundown of why good blockwork is necessary for the completion of a construction project.

  • Blocks go from ultra-lightweight to dense, providing a great degree of fabric energy efficiency in the long term.
  • They offer fire and flood resistance because of the materials used to create it, allowing for the production of a solid block work system.
  • Due to their amazing mass and damping traits, they provide great acoustic performance.
  • Its materials allow it to retain warmth in the winter and keep rooms cool in the summer.
  • They are cost efficient, along with needing very little ongoing maintenance.
  • Because they are often manufactured locally, they are protected from the currency fluctuations that happen when a material is imported from another place.

Blockwork is a technique that can greatly improve the blockwork walling systems of the comissioned structured, making the pillars sturdy and the foundations solid. That is, if it is performed by professionals.

The construction field is incredibly competitive and new companies are popping up constantly, which makes it difficult to know which one to trust. We understand, you want your building to be everything you envisioned.

That is why Daja Contractors LTD has designed their business ideals around the satisfaction of the client’s needs and trained its employees to be able to offer you the best service. Our London Blockwork company is one of the best in the market and we strive to improve with every passing day, don’t hesitate to give us a call and try our services.

Different blocks achieve different results

When dealing with blockwork wall construction or even a blockwork extension, it is important to understand the many different types of concrete blocks and cement blocks. This way you you will be aware of what and why certain materials are being used instead of others.

It also makes it easier to determine the build and design you can aspire your structure to have with the materials used.

You might already be familiar with the blocks found at a regular hardware store, and may have some knowledge of the two categories, which are hollow blocks and solid blocks.

Solid Concrete blocks

Fully solid blocks are most used for projects that involve paving, granting in this manner stability, durability and strenght. Whenever these aspects are involved, solid concrete blocks are the best option.

These look like gray bricks, though they tend to be much larger, and are also heavier though less expensive than their counterpart, the hollow concrete blocks. They are perfect for the creation of walls to repel the elements or for building garden walls, planters, foundation, steps and firepits.

Solid concrete blocks, though less varied than hollow concrete blocks, are often found in one of these categories:

  • Fly ash block: Fly ash is fine powder like substance mixed with water. Fly ash can also act like a pigment, the colors ranging from amber, brown, gray, green, to olive, red, yellow and yellow-brown. This type of block reduces CO2 emissions, provides resistance to cold weather and reduces cracking problems and permeability.
  • Paving block: Paving blocks are square shaped solid blocks that are commonly used for paving, road shoulders and walkways. They are also available in many colors and sizes, like tan, charcoal and light gray.
  • Cellular lightweight block: This a material made up of three components which are foam, fly ash and cement. It is fire resistant, environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive.
  • Aircrete blocks (aerated blocks): Aircrete blocks are a lightweight material that have a high capacity for sound and temperature insulation. They are fire resistant, and that added in to its insulating traits make them a very attractive choice, if not widely available.

Aircrete blocks can be easily shaped and be used alongside nails and screws, though they are not as strong as other solid concrete blocks. These should be reinforced to avoid deterioration and not be used for load-bearing walls.

Hollow Concrete Blocks

Hollow blocks are lighter than the alternative solid blocks. They have holes that take up over a one-quarter of their cross sectional area, making them incredibly useful for large structures or boundary fences. If the structure being built requires wiring or piping passing through them, then these hollow blocks are the better option.

Hollow concrete blocks are found in three grades.

  • Grade A, which has a density of at least 1500kg/m3.
  • Grade B, which has a density of less than 1500kg/m3.
  • And finally grade C which has a density greater than 1000kg/m3.

Of these categories, Grade A and Grade B are used for load bearing concrete walls, while grade C is most useful for non load bearing walls. Regardless they are all immensely useful for blockwork wall construction

Hollow concrete blocks are divided in a wide array of blocks, among which we find:

  • Stretcher blocks: There are used in blockwork construction to connect the corner of masonry units, each face laid parallel to the face of the wall.
  • Pillar blocks: As the name implies, this type of concrete block is used in the construction of pillars and piers, designed specifically so that both ends can be left visible.
  • Lintel blocks: This type is easily noticed because of its U shape. This trait allows it to be filled with more concrete and reinforcing bars, making it perfect for the creation of lintel beams.
  • Jamb blocks: These are made with a shallow groove across the two holes and a deeper on the other end. This quality means it is ideal for creating space for the casing members of a window.
  • Column blocks: As its name is quick to show us, this type of blocks are used to create columns, the hole on its centers filled with a material to reinforce it. They are shaped in a square block with only a single hole.
  • Corner block: Placed at corners or at the edges of a window or a door, this type of block has a plain side that is exposed to the exterior, while the other one is parallel to the wall.
  • Spitfire block: These blocks are similar in appearance to pillar blocks, however, one of the edges has a rough, jagged texture. Its porosity is high, which makes it vulnerable to water damage, however, this also means that there is less chance of it allowing a termite infestation or a fire to spread.
  • Bullnose block: Their use and structure is identical to that of a corner block, however, this type has round edged instead of sharp ones.
  • Partition block: Narrowly shaped, partition blocks are nearly identical to pillar blocks, except for the fact that they are taller than wide.

How to choose the right one

This is a topic that should be consulted with professionals with knowledge in construction and blockwork. And that is just what we are here to do. Our blockwork contractors in London are always available to help you make the best choices, choices that will improve and benefit your building.

We have over 20 years of experience and an ethic of responsibility and prioritizing client satisfaction and safety. You can’t go wrong with Daja Contractors LTD.

Our services

We at Daja Contractors LTD understand how important it is for your blockwork construction project to be successful, for your building or structure to stand the passage of time and the effect of weather.

Our London blockwork experts can bring your vision to life. With extensive knowledge and experience in the construction business, we can perform services such as blockwork restoration by filling in holes and smoothing out cracks.

We also offer blockwork extensions, be it adding in a new area to your building or home or extending the block walls in your structure, or blockwork wall construction. Our team can even aid you in the construction of new buildings using our innovative blockwork techniques developed to add stability and support.

Why we are the best

Blockwork construction, and most construction projects, regardless of the materials involved, require a wide array of knwoledge of how to lay out walls, how to provide extra support and an understanding of how a building is structured. It should never be dismissed as a simple task, since it can become quite dangerous if not done correctly.

Daja Contractors LTD is a London Blockwork Company that focuses on generating trust by providing with wonderful results and finishing construction projects in a timely manner. We value our customers and work together to bring your desire outcome into reality.

We have over 20 years of experience in general construction and can provide your with the security any person or company wants when requesting a construction project be made.

Do not hesitate to call our offices. We offer you the assistance you need to complete your project, and advise you on possible additions and changes.

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