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Despite the advancement of society and technology, brick masonry remains one of the most long-lasting construction methods available. Brickwork is versatile and has different techniques and building methods. In the hands of skilled professionals, it ensures the building remains safe and durable for a long time.

Daja contractors Ltd provides brickwork services in London that meets the satisfaction of its clients. We use the best materials and contemporary construction methods that ensure your building is safe and durable. With more than 20 years of experience, Daja contractors Ltd is a leading company in the construction industry with safe, modern and efficient projects.

A bricklayer using cement to fill the joints between bricks.

What is Brick Masonry?

Brick masonry is one of the oldest and most long-lasting building methods. In order to create a solid block that can resist external forces, bricks are used in a mortar way in a structured way. There is a wide range of brick masonry with different characteristics that differ from size, shape and color.

In order to make the mass solid and durable, the spaces between bricks are filled with mortar. The placement of the mortar requires the necessary skills and attention in order to retain the functionality and durability of the structures. At Daja Contractor Ltd, we envision better quality and efficiency of your building. Our team of experienced and skilled workers are keen on building a safe, comfortable and durable building that meets your expectations.

What Kind of Brickwork Projects Can We Take:

If you are in need of a brickwork service, Daja Contractors Ltd is here for you. We work to create a comfortable and inviting environment for our clients. Our aim is to deliver only the best quality materials alongside the best service.Here are some of the projects that we can take:

Residential Buildings

Using bricks for your new residential project has many advantages. This material is versatile and gives you a wide range of choice regarding the type, size and color of the bricks.We have more than 20 years experience, building residential houses throughout London. Our team of experienced and skilled workers can build your dream house and ensure it remains safe, durable and eye-catching for a long time.

Decorative Projects

If you fancy a new and colorful garden, backyard or a brick wall for your house, we can do that for you. We use high-quality materials that will highlight the beauty of your garden surroundings. We take pride in being the number one choice of Londoners and have rewarded their trust with beautiful and unique brickwork projects.

Interior decorative wall with first-class burnt-clay bricks.

Commercial and Retail

Brick veneers are being used indoors and outdoors in commercial environments such as cafes, restaurants, malls, retail spaces etc. Choosing the right style and design can give your business an inviting feel. Our experienced team will add the missing fine touch on your walls and make your environment feel warm and comfortable.


Using brick veneers is a great choice for your residential house or your business. It gives a reminiscent feeling of a warm and cozy atmosphere. Whether you can choose certain sections or the whole area, the walls of your building will transform anew into stylish and elegant.


The right facade is the best representation of your building. Whether it’s a residential or a commercial building, our skilled workers combine the elegant design with the durability of the structure. We envision better spaces for your building and deliver the best quality to showcase your new project.

Benefits of Brick Construction Projects

Being a natural material, bricks have a high durability and are used as a great insulator from heat and cold. Building with bricks gives your building a reminiscent of a simple, yet beautiful layout. Daja Contractor Ltd offers the best brickwork services in London. Here are some of the benefits of using brick for your construction project:


Bricks is a natural material that lasts for a lifetime. It is able to withstand even the harshest conditions such as extreme heat and cold. It is the perfect solution for Britains’ climatic conditions. We use high-quality materials and a professional service that will make your building safe and durable.


Bricks require low to none maintenance. Unlike other building materials, bricks do not require painting or renovation in order to maintain their durability. Furthermore, bricks do not decay with time and are resilient to pesticides as they do not contain plant matter.

A Great Insulator

Bricks are fireproof. They do not decay on heat and don’t suffer any structural damage from fire. It is also a great sound insulator as it minimizes the external noises. Building in brick will ensure your building to be safe and durable for a long time.


Brick continues to be a popular building material choice among architects due to its flexibility and strong durability. Whether you want to build a residential building, commercial, retail, pavements or decorative structures, bricks come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors that suit any building style.


As a high density material, bricks have the natural ability to absorb and store heat. This will make your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Brick is a natural temperature moderator that will give you not only comfort, but also reduce your energy bills.


Bricks are manufactured by natural materials and don’t contain any additional compounds. With its resilience and insulative abilities, brick is the right choice for people with acute allergies and sensitivity to weather conditions. Furthermore, bricks can be reused and don’t contain toxic chemicals or plastic compounds, making it not only better for your health, but also for the environment.

Residential houses in London with burnt-clay bricks facade.

Types of Brick Masonry We Offer

Bricks are usually placed one above the other in a cement mortar during the brickwork construction. Because of the functionality and longevity of brickwork structures, there are different categories of brick masonry that can be done in cement. We have a team of professional workers with years of experience and our primary objective is delivering quality and the best service to our clients.

First Class

In first class cement brickwork, the mortar is often lime-based and the conjoints are no more than 10 millimeters thick. The bricks have ragged corners and surfaces that allows the mortar to be more efficient during the construction.

Second Class

In second class cement brickwork, the mortar conjoints are no more than 12 millimeters thick. Furthermore, bricks that have a small, rough and uneven form are used to fill and enforce the mortar conjoints.

Third Class

In third class cement brickwork, bricks are softer and their shapes are irregular. They are often used in the construction of temporary structures.

Mud Brickwork

In brickwork construction, mud filling is often used instead of cement mortar. The conjoints of the mud mortar has a standard width of 12 millimeters. It is a useful and efficient masonry approach as it is the least expensive method for brickwork construction. However, it can be used for small structures with a limited height.

Types of Bricks We Use

Depending on the style and type of the structure, there are different types of bricks. We use high-quality bricks that ensure a safe, durable and stylish structure.

Common burnt clay bricks

These are the classic bricks with a characteristic reddish color. Burnt clay bricks are manufactured by compressing the wet clay into molds and drying it.

Sand Lime Bricks

These are white bricks that use lime instead of cement. Sand lime bricks are made out of lime and sands, and their manufacture is limited.

Concrete Bricks

These are bricks that use a mixture of cement and sand. Concrete bricks are formed in molds and cured. They resemble clay bricks because of the added mineral colors during the manufacture.

Engineering bricks

These are bricks designed for a high resilience. They are water and acid resistant and are used for special constructions that take place in water (groundwork, sewers etc.).

Fly ash clay bricks

These are bricks that are made out of fly ash, water, lime, cement, aluminum powder and gypsum. Fly ash clay bricks are usually lighter and stronger than clay bricks because of the strengthening elements it contains.

Bullnose bricks

These are bricks with a rounded off edge. Bullnose bricks are used mainly for the header edge of a brick to cover the corners or the frame perimeter of a tile design.

Channel Bricks

These are bricks with a continuous central semicircular cavity. They are special purpose bricks and find use in the laying of drains.

Coping Bricks

These are special purpose bricks that are used to cap the tops of freestanding walls for protection and visual invocation.

Cownose Bricks

These are similar to bullnose bricks but with both corners rounded. Cownose bricks are often used in external wall corners for a visual appeal.

Hollow Bricks

These are bricks that have large void areas, usually 25%-60%. These void areas are called “cells”. Hollow bricks are used to prevent heat and fire, as the air inside the bricks works as an insulator.

Our Brickwork Construction Process

First and foremost, you need to contact us and tell us what you need. Whether you already have a general idea of what you are looking for or are not yet sure, we offer consultancy on what could be best for the project that you have in mind. Afterwards, a team of skilled and experienced workers with proven brickwork skills will meet and inspect the job at hand to discuss the requirements and objectives that you have.

After we have discussed your vision and expectations and our landscaping team has done the on-site survey, you will receive an affordable price and time needed to complete the project. Should you want us to deliver the materials or source our numerous affordable contractors, we will gladly do so on our arranged day. Upon agreement, you will choose the layout and materials you want to use and our team of landscapers and bricklayers will get down to work.

During the brickwork process you will have full transparency and the ability to observe how the schedule is going. We will initially provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all the steps of our brickwork process. Once the brickwork process has been completed, we will add the final touches and clean up the working site. Your new project will be organized and thoroughly clean after we finish the brickwork.

Daja Contractors Ltd is fully committed to quality and has a strong track record of successful brickwork projects throughout London. We always abide by the state laws to ensure the health and safety of the workers and community.

Bricklayer using construction thread to measure the accuracy in brick masonry.

Why Choose Our Brickwork Services in London?

You want the best brickwork construction service for your project and we are here for you. Daja Contractor LTD takes pride in being a leading contracting company in London. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:


Daja Contractor Ltd is a leading company in the London market with over 20 years of experience. We have a strong track record of successful brickwork projects throughout London and our team consists of skilled and experienced landscapers and bricklayers. Furthermore, we use only proven and reputable subcontractors and material suppliers. We are focused on the quality of our work and rewarding the trust of our clients.


Daja Contractor Ltd strives to assure professional masonry services in a timely manner. Our detailed proposals assure our clients that there won’t be any hidden cost and they know exactly how much they are paying and what they are getting for it. Furthermore, we have affordable subcontracting partners that add an extended value to your project with their professional services.


At Daja Contractor Ltd we are dedicated to quality. We use only the best materials for our construction process and use contemporary and affordable technology to ensure that the project is finished fast, yet safe and professionally. Furthermore, we also prioritize the safety of our environment by constructing in a sustainable manner.


We use the right materials and contemporary technology to ensure that the construction process goes fast and the conditions are safe. We always abide by the rules to ensure the health and safety of our employees, the public and our operations. Our company has a Safety Program and our employees are continually trained on safety issues.

Strong track record of successful projects

At Daja Contractor LTD, we have a strong track record of successful brickwork projects that were completed on time, within budget and to the requirements of our loyal clients. We take responsibility for planning permission and executing the building process of the brickwork project from start to finish. We adapt to the requirements of the clients and work professionally to reward their trust.

Testimonials and client reviews

We take pride in being the best masonry constructing company in London. We have the highest review in the London building market. Our primary objective is building with quality and rewarding the trust of our clients. Daja Contractor LTD values its relationship with loyal clients. We offer the best brickwork services for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brick Masonry?
Brick masonry is an old building method that consists in the placement of bricks in a systematic manner and filling the joints between them with mortar. The mass created is extremely resilient and can withstand a great deal of pressure. There are different types of bricks and mortars that are used in construction.
Which brick masonry bond is the strongest?
Depending on the size and purpose of the structure, there are different masonry bonds that can be used in construction. English bond brickwork is a traditional masonry pattern that combines alternate courses of stretchers and headers. This brickwork method is mostly used for bridges and engineering projects. Due to the uniform distribution of the weights and for a systematic placements of bricks, the impending load is transferred to neighboring bricks. This method requires more bricks than other patterns.
Which brick quality is the best?
First-class burnt-clay bricks are undoubtedly the finest bricks. These high-quality bricks are uniform in size and texture and have great resilience and strength. These are flexible bricks and are the most used type of bricks due to their adaptability to many uses.
How resilient is a brick wall?
Being able to withstand even the harshest conditions, bricks are weather and age-proof. This makes bricks the perfect choice for construction in places with a harsh climatic condition. Typically, the minimum compressive strength of a classic brick is about 3000 psi. However, it can endure pressures even greater than that.
How long should a brick wall last?
As mentioned above, bricks are age-proof. Brick constructed structures can endure even the harshest conditions. Throughout Europe and other continents, there are numerous castles and other buildings made of brick that have stood tall for centuries. You can expect your brick structure to last for a very long period of time.
How long does it take for the bricklaying job to be completed?
Many projects differ from one another and so does the time needed to complete the construction. You can expect a team of bricklayers and landscapers to discuss with you the details and objectives of your project and get an estimated needed time. However, we can expect a minimum of one day for your project. Daja Contractor Ltd takes pride in adjusting to the clients requirements and handling the projects in a timely manner.
What happens with the waste generated during the work?
Worry not! After the work has been completed, our team will remove all the rubbish and dispose of it at the nearest waste disposal management. We make a great deal of nature and our working methods are environment-friendly. Everything will be clean and neat after we finish.
Can you deliver the materials?
After the initial landscaping survey, our team will work thoughtfully with you and consult you on what is best for your project. We have a wide range of high-quality materials that can be delivered to you, prior to the brickwork service.
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Very good and hard working worker. Finished in time. I recommend him 100%.

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Astrit and his team were very efficient in their work. They finished the work in quoted time. It was a professional finish and the room and the surrounding area were left tidy after the job was done. He is very polite, helpful and explained all the work that needed to be done. I would fully recommend him.

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