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Are you in search of a contractor specializing in the construction of garages in London for your unique project? Daja Contractor Ltd offers assistance in constructing an ideal workshop or garage, catering to various needs such as garage projects, barn and lofts, storage requirements, or the creation of a recreational hub.

If you possess a clear concept for your garage project, we are capable of assisting you in transforming your aspirations into tangible outcomes. There are few experiences that rival the satisfaction of possessing a tailored garage that is precisely optimized to suit one’s projects and meticulously arranged according to one’s specific requirements.

The garage post frame building has the capacity to accommodate open work space and tool storage of varying sizes, ranging from large to small. In order to comply with building code standards, it is important to incorporate various essential features such as electricity for nighttime operations, running water for sanitary facilities, insulation for cold climates, ventilation for hot climates, and fire prevention measures. 

Daja Contractor Ltd is a leading building company in London, with expertise in building garages for over 20 years. Our team will collaborate with you to construct an optimal garage that aligns with your financial resources and meets your requirements and needs.

Our company provides a wide range of contemporary garages at highly competitive prices, catering to the requirements of all homeowners in London. You can choose from a variety of garage options, such as attached garages, detached garages, framed garages, one-car garages, two-car garages, and other additional options.

The aesthetics of the garage options can be customized to your liking and integrate with the overall appearance and style of your home. The installation of your new garage will be carried out by our team of experienced and skilled professionals. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience to request a consultation and evaluation for your garage building goals.

Importance and Benefits of Having a Garage

Garages are nowadays becoming a standard feature in our communities. The inclusion of a garage is not typically regarded as a primary consideration for individuals residing in urban areas, but it is nearly compulsory having a garage for individuals residing outside the city hub. There are multiple advantages to having a residential property equipped with an exclusive garage. 

These benefits include both enduring gains, such as the enhancement of your home value, as well as day-to-day convenience that safeguard your belongings and increase the overall functionality of the property. When considering the design of your dream home, the inclusion of an attached garage is a highly advantageous choice. The inclusion of a garage, whether attached or detached, has the potential to increase the value of your property and enhance accessibility and safety. Here are some of the most notable advantages of building a garage:

Accessibility and Convenience

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to look for a parking spot close to your house, drive in circles in a parking deck, or fix dents and scratches left by another car? These are only a few of the inconveniences that come with parking on the street or deck. However, these are issues that can be readily resolved by having a designated parking place set aside for your vehicle. You can enjoy not only the convenience of always having a place to park, but you will also benefit from having your car a short distance from your door. Having access to a garage reduces the distance you have to walk or transport your belongings.

Safety and Security

Even with today’s cars being equipped with modern alarm systems, leaving your car outside exposes it to potential theft or vandalism. This risk is greatly reduced when your car is kept in a garage. Having a garage for your vehicle will also give you more tranquility rather than leaving it in a driveway, street, or a parking lot. Furthermore, a garage can provide protection from extreme weather conditions, as well as give you the necessary space to perform general maintenance to your vehicle.


In addition to our residences, vehicles are frequently the most significant financial investment we will make. The capacity to protect this investment is one of the greatest advantages of having a home garage. Extreme weather conditions, such as snow and sleet in colder seasons and UV rays and extreme heat in the summer, can have a negative impact on your vehicle. By storing your vehicle in the garage, you protect it from these harmful elements, extend its lifespan and preserve its resale value.


Attached garages are highly adaptable and can easily be converted into additional living space or storage facilities. This advantageous feature allows for the creation of an extra living space within your property, without the expense of a full home renovation. The attached garage has the potential to serve as an ideal playground for children, without having to worry about wall markings or carpet stains, as you probably would in your home. Additionally, an attached garage provides the opportunity to redesign the space for other alternative uses such as a home office or even a gym. There is a wide range of possible conversions available to choose from.

Increasing Your House Appeal

Homeowners invest a significant amount of time and money into enhancing the visual appeal of their houses and the surrounding environment. However, vehicles parked along the street can reduce the aesthetic quality of a property. Having a garage creates a better atmosphere in the community, which will help increase not only the value of your house, but of the neighborhood as a whole.

What Kind of Garage Projects Can We Take?

Daja Contractor Ltd is a leading building company with more than 20 years in the building industry. We operate in London and have expertise in building garages at an affordable price and of high quality. We offer garages of any kind, with automatic doors that can be controlled by Wi-Fi and are made out of high quality and durable materials.

Based on the location of the building project, we offer attached and detached garages. You can choose from a variety of our garage building projects such as, metal, wooden or vinyl garages, one-story garages, two-story garages, one-car garages, two-car garages, three-car or more garages, and numerous other services we can offer. Here are some of the projects we can take:

Attached Garages

As the name suggests, attached garages are structures that are connected to your house. These structures are a great addition to your house as they ultimately enhance the value of your property. Attached garages are highly flexible. They can not only be used as a safe and secure place for parking your vehicle, but can also be converted and used as an extra living space, storage facility, a children’s playground or even a gym. Attached garages are easily accessible and can increase your house appeal.

A wooden two-car detached garage with black metallic doors.

Detached Garages

A detached garage is a freestanding structure and completely separate from your house. These structures are great for individuals who prefer a long and narrow lot size, as they can be built outside of your house perimeter and take advantage of a bigger space. These garages are often considered safer, as the carbon monoxide created by your vehicles will be in a rather far proximity. Detached garages are usually bigger in size, and can also be flexed into a space of a different usage.

Metal Garages

These are metallic structures of a high durability and lifespan. Our metal garages are designed and built with strength and durability, ensuring that your garage can withstand even the harshest weather conditions for a long time. We offer customized metal garages that are practical, versatile, durable and cost-effective. Our metal garage building experts will assist you during the entire garage building process with professionality and precision.

Wooden Garages

Stick-built garages with a wooden frame are one of the most popular garages in London. These garages are highly practical where you can decorate the interior by hanging directly on the walls, without having to buy big cabinets or shelves. Furthermore, a wooden garage is aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of customization options and it can easily be built to match your house’s exterior. Wooden garages have a lot of advantages such  as simple installation, low maintenance, quick replacement of damaged parts and effective insulation. Our team of experienced builders and carpenters aim to build wooden garages that are of high quality and fit the requirements and needs that you have.

Vinyl Garages

Vinyl garages are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and that comes as no surprise. Having a vinyl garage comes with a variety of advantages such as durability, resistance to weather, energy-efficiency, low maintenance cost, cost-efficiency, aesthetics and more. Vinyl garages are perfect for areas with high wet and humid conditions like London. The resilient vinyl will not rust, rot, dent or fade with the time. Furthermore, these types of garages never need painting and are among the most affordable options for individuals. Our team of expert builders is eager to work with you and provide a vinyl garage of high quality at an affordable price that matches with your requirements and needs.

One-Story Garages

As the name suggests, a one-story garage is a flat structure usually attached to the home or built as a separate unit. This type of garage is ideal for people that own a few outdoor equipment.

Two-Story Garages

A two-story garage is usually a detached garage with two floors. If you own a lot of vehicles, equipment or vintage materials that you can’t keep inside your house, a two-story garage is the right choice for you. These types of garages provide additional space for vehicles and storage, add to the overall aesthetics of your property or even be used as an additional living space. 

It is an effective structure that suits whatever needs you may have. Whether you are planning to continue living in your current house or looking to put it on the market for sale, a two-story garage can benefit you immediately. Not only is it highly effective, but it also adds to the overall curb appeal of your property.

One-Car Garage

These types of garages are a good choice for homeowners that don’t have a lot of space in their property and own only a few pieces of equipment. A single car, lawn mower or garden tools can fit perfectly in a one-car garage. Because it’s rather small and does not require a lot of work, these garages don’t have a standard look, but are usually customized to the desires and requirements of the homeowner.

Two-Car Garage

These types of garages can either be attached or detached and usually come in standard sizes. However, the right size depends on the amount of vehicles and extra storage you might have. A two-car garage is the perfect choice for homeowners who own 2 cars or a heavy duty track and want to have enough space to perform maintenance services on their equipment or add extra storage.

A one-car one-story wooden garage with metallic doors.

Our Garage Construction Process

Daja Contractor Ltd is a building company with expertise in building garages of any kind throughout London. We are committed to deliver the best services and to the satisfaction of our clients. Our team will work with you in every step of your garage building project and bring your dream garage to reality. Here are the details of every step of our garage construction process:


First and foremost, we will have a comprehensive conversation with you. During this conversation we will gain a better understanding of the objectives you have for this project. Our team of professional and highly skilled workers and carpenters will provide you with any information you may need in order to build the perfect garage that suits your goals.

Zoning & Permits

Local zoning and permits law controls what and how you can build on your property. Almost always, constructing a garage will need a permit. This ensures that your garage building project is fully inspected and the building work is conducted properly to keep you and the community safe. Our company has experience on building garages and have extensive knowledge on all the building regulations in London. We can procure the necessary permits from the local authorities in a proper and timely manner.

Design and Planning

During this phase of the construction process, our team of highly skilled designers and craftsmen will design all the elements of the project such as the size of the garage, the materials that will be used, as well as the total cost of time and money. After designing and planning our garage project, you will be able to precisely visualize the final product. We offer high quality materials, affordable prices and a variety of components that can be used.


During this phase of the project, our team will have delivered all the necessary materials at the working site. We will construct the project by abiding by our initial design and plan. We use high quality materials and our team will bring your garage project to life with professionalism and at a timely manner.

Electrical and Plumbing Work

Once the exterior of the garage has been constructed and weatherproofed, our contracted electricians and plumbers can begin working on the interior. This phase of the project will be conducted as aforesaid in the designing and planning phase. We hire professional and expert electricians and plumbers with experience and expertise. Electrical work is always necessary for the lighting and charging your power tools. However, plumbing may not be as crucial and be left aside, depending on your requirements.


Whether you may spend a lot of time in the garage or not, installing insulation is important to protect it and the storage units inside from harsh weather and pests. If you decide to add plumbing systems to your garage, insulation is important to keep the pipes from freezing in the cooler seasons. We will also install a fire-resistant drywall as per local authority requirements to prevent fire spreading in your garage.

Finishing Touches

Once our building work has finished, we will add the final extra details and remove all the rubbish created during the construction process at the nearest waste management camp. Everything will be neat and clean once we finish.

Aesthetically Enhancing Your Garage

Are you looking to upgrade your interior garage design or change up the exterior decor? With a simple approach strategy you can transform your outdated garage into a bright, colorful and inviting living space. Here are some ways on how to aesthetically enhance your garage:

Painting the Walls

The right color palette is very important in creating a pleasing environment that you enjoy living in. There are a variety of colors and shades that you can choose from. Whether you want to create a bright ambience that will match the mood you want to convey or keep it simple and comfortable, adding colors to your garage will greatly enhance its appeal.

Adding Extra Space

Very often we fill our garage with vintage and unused equipment in an irregular order. If you feel like you don’t have enough space in your garage, you might consider adding some extra space by installing new shelves, cabinets and storage racks. These storage units will provide a safe place for all your equipment and transform your garage into a stylish and spacious area for you to move around.

Organized Workbench

A messy workbench is really inconvenient when trying to work in your garage. You can create an efficient and organized workbench by incorporating tool storage units and game boards. This method provides additional space to store the tools left on the floors and makes the garage look more spacious and effective. There is a variety of shelves and cabinets you can choose from, to create a customized workbench that perfectly suits your needs. Maintaining an organized workbench not only makes the place more efficient but also safer.


Poor lighting in your garage makes for an uncomfortable and unsafe environment to work in. By adding lighting solutions to brighten up the space allow you to work faster, safer and conveniently around the garage. Additionally, the right lighting choice can bring more life to the area and highlight the interior decor of your garage.

Why Choose Our Garage Building Services in London?

Daja Contractor Ltd is one of the leading building companies in London with more than a decade experience in building customized garages that suit every need. Owning a garage provides convenience and safety for your vehicles and additional working tools. At Daja Contractor, we know that every homeowner has different requirements and needs regarding a garage. We are here to provide you with the right solution for your objectives. Our team of professional and highly skilled workers aim to exceed our client’s expectations. We have a proven track of records with numerous successful projects throughout London. Here are some of the reason why choosing our garage building services might be the right choice for you:

Get Your Garage Quick

Daja Contractor Ltd endeavors not only for the quality, but also the speed of building a garage for you. We have all the needed materials, tools and services needed to complete a garage construction project. We have a variety of high-quality materials that we can deliver to you. Our team is experienced and knows what they are doing. We will deliver your garage project perfectly finished and in time.

We Increase Property Values

It comes as no surprise that adding a garage in your property will not only be convenient for your day-to-day activities, but also increase the curb appeal of your property. Garages are becoming more popular nowadays, with the increased need to secure your vehicles and safely store your tools. A well built garage nearly always has a high resale rate that adds to the total value of your property.

Certified Crew

At Daja Contractor Ltd, we strive for quality and professionalism. Our crew is certified and consists of highly skilled designers, managers, engineers, workers and carpenters. We always abide by the law when it comes to safety and operate in a safe and secure manner. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Book a quota with our company now and get the service you need.

Affordable Pricing

Here at Daja Contractor Ltd, we have competitive prices that provide you with the opportunity to get a professional service, at affordable prices. We endeavor to make our service accessible to everyone. Our team works with integrity and always abides by the schedule and within budget. We make sure there are no hidden costs.

Exceptional Customer Service

We take pride in being one of the best building companies in London thanks to our trusted clients. We ensure that our clients get exactly what they are requiring and work thoughtfully with them in every step of our building process in order to maintain trust and transparency. Our main objective is to fulfill our clients’ requirements and exceed their expectations.

Proven Track Record of Successful Renovation Projects

We have successfully completed garage building projects throughout London that have satisfied our customers, demonstrating our capacity to suit the needs of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does building a garage in London cost?
Numerous factors influence the price of constructing a London garage. The cost of your endeavor will be affected by the garage’s design, size, materials, and additional features.
Do I have to obtain permission for building a garage on my property?
Before issuing a permit for the work, most municipalities require professional plans to be signed. They will examine the structure’s dimensions, exterior cladding options, and other specifics. If you wish to demolish an existing garage before constructing a new one, you will also need permission to demolish an accessory structure.
How can I make my garage more aesthetic?
If you are seeking to upgrade the interior or exterior design of your garage, you can transform your outdated garage into a vibrant, colorful, and inviting living space with a simple approach. You can start by painting the walls, adding some extra space, organizing your workbench or using a proper lighting that fits with the mood you want to convey.
Can I add windows to my existing garage?
Certainly, you can. A few months or years ago, when you had a garage door installed,you might have opted for no windows, but now your garage is dark, especially when you want to do some tinkering or use it as a gym. Or maybe you wish to make your garage door more aesthetically pleasing and coordinate it with your front door. Before doing anything else, it is essential to determine the current garage door’s construction. Depending on this, the models and sizes of available windows will vary.
Should I build an attached or detached garage?
In order to avoid walking through inclement weather to reach your vehicle, you must have an attached garage. If you want a workspace, a detached garage is a better option — especially if that work makes noise.
Is it cheaper to do an attached or detached garage?
In most cases, detached garages are considerably less cost-effective because you are essentially constructing an additional structure. You must replace the garage’s roof, walls, and electrical system, as well as anything else you wish to incorporate.
What is the best type of garage to build?
If you plan to construct a garage that is attached to your residence, it is best to construct it with traditional materials. Although it is one of the most effective ways to construct a garage, it is also one of the most complex and costly of the three methods we’ve discussed.
Why should I choose Daja Contractor Ltd for building my garage?
Daja Contractor Ltd is one of the leading building companies in London with over a decade experience in building customized garages throughout London. Our main objective is building fast and professionally, in a way that meets our clients’ requirements and needs. We have a certified crew and affordable pricing that along with our exceptional customer service, makes Daja Contractor the right choice for your garage building project.
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Very good and hard working worker. Finished in time. I recommend him 100%.

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Astrit and his team were very efficient in their work. They finished the work in quoted time. It was a professional finish and the room and the surrounding area were left tidy after the job was done. He is very polite, helpful and explained all the work that needed to be done. I would fully recommend him.

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Satisfiéd with all aspects of work ethics punctuality and recommended to our friends as well.

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I've have been very impressed with the quality of their work on our first floor extension.

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