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If you’re looking for a dependable and perceptive landscaping company to construct your garden walls, you’ve come to the right place. Daja Contractors Ltd is a building company that operates in London and has more than 20 years of experience in the field, with expertise in building garden walls. We have a proven track record of successful garden wall building projects throughout London and endeavor quality and professionalism. 

For garden walls, we always implement the finest materials and construction methods. We understand that a simple garden wall will only endure forever if it is constructed in the right way. Our architects and landscapers are experts in designing and building solid garden walls. With walls, this perfection extends to the structure’s durability. We ensure that our garden walls will last for as long as you own your house.

We provide a wide range of garden wall building services. As part of our garden wall building process, we will visit your residence to generate ideas and formulate a clear strategy about the wall that perfectly fits your garden appearance. We can construct walls from any material that is suitable to the project that you have in mind. Among our most popular materials are croft stone, granite, sandstone, and externally rendered concrete.

Daja Contractors Ltd has more than 20 years of experience in designing and constructing high-quality garden walls. Often overlooked as more for aesthetic garden features, a perfectly constructed wall can breathe life into your garden and be the final touch you need in creating your own personal paradise. There are many advantages to garden walls. They are a perfect way to increase the security and privacy of your garden. A brick garden wall can provide significantly greater security and privacy than a wooden fence. Additionally, brick walls will reduce the disruption and damage caused by weather. Our highly skilled craftsman will design and construct a custom wall for you in a high quality, fast and affordable way.

Importance and Benefits of Building a Garden Wall

When you need to increase the level of security and privacy in your house, you always turn to garden walls. They can be of any height and thickness, and create the idea of a more personal space. Garden walls are an ideal way to give your living space the shape and structure of your liking, and along with the aesthetic feature adds an increased appeal. Furthermore, having a garden wall in your property strongly increases creativity and productivity, reduces stress level and improves the sense of well-being. Here are some of the reasons why building a garden wall is a good idea:

  • Adding Personal Space

Constructing a garden wall in your property gives you a more secluded space. Not only do you have more safety for your valuables in your house, but also privacy. Nowadays, communities are constantly growing, and having a garden wall gives you more privacy against the snoopy neighbors and their lousy pets.

  • Durability

If constructed in the right way, a garden wall can endure forever. Brick walls are plainly weatherproof. For instance, a wooden fence can get blown away by strong winds and create havoc in the garden. Whereas a strong garden wall made out of brick is resilient against the weather elements.

  • Reduce noise

Brick walls have a considerable thickness that allows for little sound to pass through them. By having a garden wall around your property you can be calm from the noise that can come in or your noise to go out.

  • Thermal Benefits

Brick walls are a natural insulator. Having a garden wall around your property will not allow strong and cold winds to pass easily through your building, thus providing thermal benefits to your building. Additionally, having a garden wall provides the opportunity to grow different plants and vegetation easily in your garden. This can help reduce urban temperatures and make you feel more comfortable around your garden.

  • Increase productivity and creativity

A garden wall provides you with the confined space that you need to create and build the perfect garden feature and appearance that you dream. Having your property surrounded by a beautiful and solid garden wall tells you how much space you have for working around your garden and what you can build in it. Moreover, a perfectly constructed wall is a great feature for your garden and notably adds to the aesthetics of your building.

Types of Garden Walls

Garden walls can have a variety of different functions. Whether you need a wall that provides safety and security, or a decorative wall for aesthetic appeal, we can help you build the right one for you. We apply high quality materials such as brick, natural stone, block and roughcasting. Here are some types of the garden walls that we provide:

Dividing Walls

These types of walls are usually short in height and are used to separate spaces between residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Although less functional is a safety and security manner, dividing walls are mostly used to create aesthetic divisions. These walls can also serve as a solid base for different styles of wrought iron fencing.

Retaining garden wall constructed with granite stones.

Retaining Walls

These types of walls are relatively low walls that are used for supporting unleveled or shifting soil, so that it can be retained at different levels on both sides. These structures restrain soil to a slope that it would not normally hold to. Retaining walls can transform unusable land into flat usable space. Furthermore, retaining walls help increase the garden space and protect your property from the risk of landsliding. They can be built out of any material and are mostly used in rural areas, where the land is more curvy.

Privacy Walls

These types of walls are high walls that are used to deter prying eyes and have more privacy in your property. In order to avert prying eyes, walls need to be around 6 feet tall. However, you may also build a shorter wall and install an evergreen hedge if it gives you the ominous feeling of a totally secluded space. If the goal is to deter intruders, you may build a high wall, or a lower one incorporated with wrought iron. Privacy walls are often mixed with vegetation in order to break the angle of their vertical surface and the plain ground level. This allows them to blend well into the landscape and make for an aesthetically beautiful structure.

Perimeter Walls

These types of walls are the ones we usually see when walking on other neighborhood houses. Perimeter walls are used to surround a part or the whole property. They are used to replace fences due to their durability and the beautiful classic appearance.

Living Walls

These types of walls are often used for decorative purposes. Living walls are colorful, ecological, verdant and provide aesthetic benefits. Their usage in vertical structures helps them blend well with the environment and gives a more spacious and comfortable feeling. In urban areas, living walls help regulate the temperature of the buildings, improve air quality, provide insulation, remove air pollutants, attenuate rain water, increase creativity and also have a lot of health benefits.

What Types of Walling Do We Undertake?

When it comes to garden walling we take pride in being able to construct walls of any shape and size. Here at Daja Contractors Ltd, we employ only the best materials and ensure that your finished project will exceed your expectations. Our professional landscapers and bricklayers are experts in building concrete, stone and brick garden walls.


One of the most used materials in garden walls building today is concrete block walls. This type of material offers a variety of building styles and appearance. There are different methods of building with concrete blocks, each with its own characteristics.

Poured Concrete

When building curved walls for your garden, poured concrete might be the best choice for you. These methods allow for constructed forms of any shape. Furthermore, poured concrete can be mixed and dyed in any imaginable form to create a final appearance of your choosing.

Standard Cinder Blocks

They are usually found in flooring to make a solid foundation for further concrete building methods. Standard cinder blocks can be dyed in a variety of decorative materials.

Low Retaining Walls

This method uses wall blocks interlocked with each other. Their design is fit to build a wall in an interlocking pattern, adding stability, durability and a classic appearance. Low retaining walls are prefabricated and can be used to build walls of any shape and size.


Building with stone can be quite expensive, but it is a great choice for adding a classic and elegant appearance to your wall. When building a stone wall, they are usually stacked one above other, and mortar is often used to add stability to the wall. Some of the most used stones in building wall are:

Small Fieldstones

These stones are used for building low walls for decorative purposes and mortaring is not required.

Granite Slabs

These stones are usually used to build tall free-standing walls.

Larger Boulders

These are huge stones that are used for building informal retaining walls. Larger boulder walls don’t require mortaring, and their heftiness is what keeps them in place.


Although they are not as popular as they once were, brick walls add a classic and elegant appearance to the property. However, they require a high masonry skill to pull off effectively.

Some of the most used brick walls nowadays are: raised beds, garden walls, dry-stone walls, retaining walls, privacy walls, dividing walls, paddlestones etc.

A living garden wall constructed with burnt-clay bricks and covered with green vegetation.

Our Garden Wall Building Process

A garden wall is a practical addition to your property for safety and security purposes, but also an aesthetically charming structure for the appearance of your outdoor area. Whether you want to build a boundary, set your perimeter, add privacy, or simply enhance your garden’s appearance, building a wall can be highly rewarding. Daja Contractors Ltd is one of the best building companies in London, with more than 20 years of experience in building beautiful and solid garden walls for our clients. Our team has expertise in building garden walls of any shape and sizes and we use the best materials to ensure you can have a garden wall to be proud of. Here are the steps to our garden wall building process:

Planning and Preparation

Our approach to building a garden wall in a professional manner, is careful planning and preparation to ensure the project will be finished successfully and according to your expectations. We also offer consultation and work thoughtfully with you to understand your goals and requirements. Through a detailed conversation with you, we will define the function of your project, whether its purpose is to create a boundary, provide privacy, or purely decorative. This will help both of us to determine the height, length and style of the wall.

Verifying the regulations with the local building authorities is also an important step. Building a high wall usually required permission from the building authorities. However, we have experience in this and can assist you in getting a building permission from the local authorities in a timely manner.

Selecting the appropriate materials is also important. Depending on the style, appearance, durability and your budget, selecting the appropriate materials indicates that the building phase can continue uninterrupted and with no added costs. We have a variety of high quality materials that can be delivered to you. Our professional bricklayers are experts in building garden walls of any shape and size. Some of the most common options for building materials are bricks, stones and concrete.

Our designers will design a rough sketch to help you visualize your finished project and estimate the required materials for the whole work. We will finally mark the location of your wall and ensure that everything is aligned with the initial plan.

Laying the Foundation

A good foundation provides stability and support for your garden wall. Laying the foundation properly ensures that your wall will resist for a long period of time and will not be in need of any reparation. During this phase, our workers will dig a trench for the wall’s foundation and make sure that the trench’s depth is proportional to the wall’s height. This is a crucial step to ensure that the wall will be stable and straight. We will then pour a well mixed concrete to form the base for the foundation. After this step is finished, time is needed to cure the concrete. This time depends on the depth of the trench and the height of the wall.

Building the Wall

After the foundation laying has been finished, we will start constructing your garden wall. This process consists of placing rows of bricks or stones in a precise level, and each of the surfaces of the building materials will be laid with mortar to ensure the stability of the structure is intact. Our team of bricklayers is experienced in building garden walls throughout London, and they know what they are doing. Depending on the size and style of your project, the time schedule of the whole building process will be estimated at the planning phase. We are a professional building company and ensure that your walling project will be finished in time and within budget.

Exterior Cladding

After the building phase has been finished, depending on the type of material used, we will do the final touches and cladding if necessary. You can choose to paint your wall or add aesthetic palettes to give your wall a refreshing and unique appearance.

At the end of the whole building process, we will remove all the rubbish created by our work on your property, and dispose of them at the nearest waste management area. We will complete the project in time and within budget, and construct a garden wall you can be proud of.

Why Choose Our Garden Wall Services In London?

Daja Contractors Ltd is the best building company in London, with decades of experience and expertise in building garden walls of any kind. We are committed to professionalism and the full satisfaction of our clients. Our team is reliable, professional and efficient. Whether you need a retaining wall for safety and security matters, or simply a wall to aesthetically enhance the appearance of your garden, we will build a beautiful and affordable garden wall that will exceed your expectations. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your walling needs:

We are experienced

We take pride in being the first choice of garden wall building services for many Londoners. We have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, with successful projects of any kind.

We are professional

We take every work and project seriously. Whether you are in need of a long wall, or simply a low retaining wall, we treat every project professionally and every client respectfully.

Quality and Cost-Efficiency

At Daja Contractors Ltd, we are fully committed to the quality of our service. We use high-quality materials that ensure stability, endurance and safety of your building project. We are passionate about our work, and care for the needs and requirements of our clients. Daja Contractors has some of the most affordable prices for garden walls building services in London, all without infringing the quality of the product.

Certified Crew

Daja Contractors Ltd endeavors quality and professionalism. Our team of highly skilled landscapers and bricklayers are fully trained and experienced. We are experts in building garden walls of any size and style and have experience in working with a variety of high-quality materials.

Proven Track Record of Successful Renovation Projects

We have successfully completed garden wall building projects throughout London that have satisfied our customers, demonstrating our capacity to suit the needs of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bricks are best for building a garden wall?
There is no clear answer about this. The best brick choice for building a garden wall depends on the purpose of the wall. Extruded bricks are the best choice to give your wall a smooth finish, soft Mud Bricks are the best choice to give the wall an earthy, texture finish, engineering bricks are the best choice to make your wall resilient to weather elements etc.
Do you render walls?
Yes, we can render garden walls. Rendered walls give a modern appearance to your garden. Nowadays, rendering methods allow for the colour to be mixed with the building material, so you won’t have to paint your walls every now and then.
What type of garden wall should I build?
Choosing the right wall for your garden, depends on the purpose you want it to have. For example, you can build a dividing wall to simply to highlight the spacing between your property and that of others, a privacy wall to avert prying eyes and feel safe and secure inside your garden, a retaining wall if your property is located in a landslide risky area, or a decorative wall if you want to add a more pleasing appearance to your garden.
Do I have to maintain my garden wall?
Garden walls require little maintenance, however, depending on the materials that are used and the building method, your garden wall might require maintenance from time to time. We also offer maintenance services such as garden wall reparation or painting.
What materials do you use for building garden walls?
We offer high-quality materials for building garden walls. Some of the most used materials that we employ in our building work are concrete, stone and brick. Each of these materials has its own characteristics. Concrete is one of the most used materials for building garden walls nowadays, due to its durability, variation in style and size and ability to resist the weather elements. Stone is the best choice if you want to add a more classic and elegant appearance to your garden. Although they are not as used as they once were, bricks give a classic and vintage appearance to your garden. However, they require high masonry skill in order for the project to pull off successfully. You can choose any of these materials for your garden wall project, depending on the purpose of the wall and your requirements.
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