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Do you reside in London and are in need of a garden shed? We are a prestigious building company that offers garden shed installation services to all London residents. We provide high-quality materials for your garden shed and our experienced team can complete all phases of your garden shed endeavor, including design, planning, permits, site preparation and installation.

Whether you lack the time or desire a huddle-free service to construct your garden shed, we can do it for you. Our expert team will make sure that your shed is built securely and to the highest standard. Our procedure of customization ensures that you can receive the shed you desire.

A garden shed is perfect for individuals who have a myriad of items in their garden and don’t know where to safely store them. A shed however has a high flexibility, as you can transform it into a comfortable  tea house, barbeque site, or a place to pursue your indoor hobbies. It is a fascinating garden feature that enhances its aesthetics with a very traditional British appearance.

What Is a Garden Shed?

A garden shed is a small structure that provides storage space in your garden. It is usually placed behind your house or in a far proximity to it. It is a solid, versatile  and fully enclosed built structure that can be used for any storage purpose you may need. There is a wide range of garden shed types available you can choose from, each with its own characteristics and benefits.

Garden Sheds by Material

Depending on its used material, a shed can be wooden, metallic, plastic, composite lumber, polyvinyl or steel-framed plastic.


Wooden sheds are undoubtedly the most common garden sheds. This is because they are the easiest to customize by adding shelves, decorations and painting. Wooden sheds come in a wide range of designs, sizes and roof styles. Furthermore, wooden sheds alloy well with nature, making the environment around look more natural. However, wooden sheds require a lot of maintenance, since they are prone to termites and mold.


Metal sheds can be made out of steel or aluminium, and are known for their high durability and low cost. They are a perfect choice for places like London with lots of rain and high humidity. Metal sheds can endure even the most extreme weather conditions, providing a safe storage place for your valuable tools. Some of the advantages that metallic garden sheds have include: durability, sustainability, low-cost, low-maintenance, recyclable and resilience to fire, rot and pests.

Amazing view from a shed in a garden. Illustrating London Garden Shed Building service offered by daja.


Plastic sheds are widely used nowadays, due to their ability to withstand the elements. They are lightweight and don’t require a solid base. Plastic garden sheds usually include a plastic floor, windows, lighting and vents.

Composite Lumber

Composite lumber sheds are constructed using a combination of different materials. The most typical ones are wood fibres, recycled plastic and a polymer binder. They are affordable, portable, and require low maintenance.


Polyvinyl sheds are usually used by individuals with small storage needs. They are versatile, affordable, easy to customize and rot resistant. However, polyvinyl garden sheds are not fitting for places with harsh weather conditions, and cannot store heavy equipment.

Steel-framed Plastic

Steel-framed sheds are constructed using a combination of metal and plastic. They are durable and affordable structures that include a solid base, steel frames and plastic walls.

Garden Sheds by Roof Style

Garden sheds come in different roof styles including lean-to, gable, gambrel or flat.


Lean-to style garden sheds are perfect for storing hay, feed and other farm equipment. They are more affordable than garages and provide a covered area for storing items and equipment.


Gable style garden sheds are one of the most popular roof types with a variation in shapes, sizes and materials. This design is very complementary to the other designs that surround the environment. Furthermore, they provide great protection against the elements, as this roof style prevents the accumulation of rain and snow.


Gambrel style garden sheds are often called “barn” sheds due to their resemblance to old-fashioned barn. This roof style is mostly used by individuals who like a more country-style look and it makes a great addition especially to farmhouses. Gambrel shed roofs provide the opportunity to install additional shelves or build other storage units, due to their steep slope.


Flat style garden sheds have a flat roof with no horizontal slope. They are quite simple, cheap and rather easy to construct yourself. However, flat roofs lack the ability to drain the rain and snow during the colder seasons, as they don’t have a slope.

Importance of Having a Garden Shed

If you own a considerable garden, then having a garden shed is a necessary investment for you. Their primary use is to store the working equipment. However, it can also be used as a workplace or store other equipment that you don’t want to keep inside your house. Garden sheds create an organized space for you to work and move in your garden. Here are some of the benefits of having a garden shed:

Garden Storage

One of the most obvious benefits of having a garden shed is providing extra storage that you may need. It is beneficial especially to individuals that do a lot of work in the garden. It makes a great storage unit for gardening equipment such as rakes, shovels, hedge trimmers and edgers. Garden sheds are a perfect place for you to store other gardening items such as solid and fertilizers. Garden sheds are also very versatile and increase the functionality of your garden space. You can add shelves, s-hooks and pegboards in order to make the space more organized and look aesthetically pleasing.


If you are a person that likes to keep yourself always occupied with work, garden sheds can be a great solution for a workplace. You can have the comfort of working in an enclosed and safe  space, while having all the equipment that you need in a close proximity.

Added Value

Building a garden shed can easily add the value of your property. If you have a lot of gardening and extra equipment that you can’t keep inside your house, having a garden shed is a great investment to keep your garden area clean, organized and increase the overall value of your property.

Keep the Clutter Away

Garden sheds are very beneficial to homeowners that have a lot of equipment around and don’t like their garden area to get overcrowded with working tools. It can create a lot of space for you to move around, and enjoy the pleasing environment of a clean and organized area.


Having a small and beautiful garden shed in your backyard, creates a very special feeling about it. For most people, the functionality of a shed makes them purchase one. However,  having a decorated shed with the right style can actually add value to your property and makes it a comfortable place to enjoy living in.

A wooden orange garden shed with a sloped roof in the backyard.

Key Considerations When Building a New Garden Shed

Are you considering building a new garden shed on your property? Garden sheds come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and qualities. Here are some key considerations you may need to look up when building a new garden shed:

Know Your Budget

Before building or purchasing a garden shed, you need to consider the price of materials and if you want to add any customizations. Knowing your budget makes it easing for you to determine the size and quality of the sheds that are available to you. Sometimes, we aim to get a bigger shed with a lower price. Although it may seem like a great deal to us, low quality gets pricey over time, as they can create leaks and require constant maintenance. For this reason, it is very important to know your budget and other factors such as your local climate and how it can impact on your sheds’ materials.

Identify Storage Needs

Before purchasing a garden shed, you should think of the storage space that you will use, and for how long you may need it. Consider what you want to customize and how you can make your shed more spacious. Think also of the items that you want to store and how much space they take. Identifying your storage needs allow you to save time and money by building a garden shed that fits your requirements and needs.

Choose the Right Materials

Building a garden shed for a specific purpose necessitates finding the right materials. One of the most crucial characteristics of a shed is its durability, which will be determined by the materials that are used. There is a wide variety of materials that can be used to construct a garden shed, such as wood, plastic and steel. A wooden shelter for example will last for a very long time, but it is susceptible to rot. Plastic sheds are low maintenance but are known to fade over time, whereas steel sheds are economical and long-lasting.

Weatherproof Your Garden Shed

Weatherproofing your garden shed is one of the most important things that you should consider. Obviously you will want your shed to last for a very long time. The locations where individuals construct their sheds may be prone to harsh weather conditions. Having a weatherproof shed means you will not need to continuously worry about its condition, and it will require less maintenance and last for a long time.

The Foundation of Your Garden Shed

The foundation of the garden shed is one of the most essential things to consider. It maintains the shed’s stability and shields it from ground moisture. The type of foundation you construct will depend on the dimensions of your shed and the climate in your region. Many individuals will attempt to construct a shed on concrete pavers, which is acceptable if the shed is small and the pavers are set on a properly prepared base. However, in the case of a wooden garden shed, wood should never touch the concrete base, in order to prevent ground moisture.

Your Garden Shed’s Roof Style

Always consider weather elements such as rain and snow when deciding on a roof style for your garden building. An angled slope roof will allow rainwater to run off efficiently, but it may not be suitable for heavy snowfall, particularly if your shed is not heated. Metal roofs typically discharge snow more efficiently than concrete and wooden roofs. However, you can choose a roof style of your liking if the location of the structure is safe from harsh weather conditions.

What Kind of Projects Can We Take

Our extensive selection of garden sheds will provide you with the additional storage space that you require. Whether you’re constructing a shed to store garden tools or other tools such as bicycles and components you don’t want to keep inside your house, our professional garden shed services will ensure that your new build structure is built properly and will withstand the passage of time. We are a building company with more than a decade of experience on building high quality garden sheds for our clients throughout London. Whether you are looking to build a new garden shed or your old one is in need of repair, we can do it for you in an affordable and timely manner.

Build a New Garden Shed

If you’re daunted by the idea of building your new garden shed yourself, why not let our professional team handle it for you? Daja Contractor Ltd provides Londoners with charming and affordable garden sheds that match every purpose. We offer garden sheds of high quality and diverse styles. All that is required from you is easy access to the installation location and a firm and level base for the construction phase. Whether you already have a clear idea of the garden shed you want to construct or not, our team can advise you on every element of the structure in order to build a perfect shed for you. We strive for quality and effectiveness, having built numerous garden sheds for our clients throughout London.

Repair Your Old Garden Shed

If your garden shed has some rotten wood components, broken windows or cracks in the walls, you may consider repairing it. Our team specialized in building and repairing garden sheds in London, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Here are some of the garden shed reparations that we can help you with:

➤ Roof repair

➤ Replacing rotten components

➤ Fixing broken windows

➤ Painting your garden shed

➤ Attach decorative features

➤ Renovate your old garden shed

Whatever you may need, we can do it for you. At Daja Contractor Ltd we have a team of highly skilled designers, engineers, carpenters and workers whose primary objective is delivering the best service and fulfilling our clients requirements in a professional manner.

A vinyl garden shed with a clay-tile roof in the backyard of a house.

Our Garden Shed Building Process

Daja Contractor Ltd works with you in every step of the process to bring your dreams for your garden shed to life! Our team is eager to start working and adding a charming structure to your property. You will be able to visualize the output of our work before we even set a nail. Here are the steps of our building renovation process:


Every Daja Contractor garden shed building project begins with a detailed conversation. During this conversation we will be able to understand exactly what kind of garden shed you need and your requirements for the final output. Our specialized designers will provide relevant ideas that you might not have considered. Daja Contractor Ltd strives not only for professional work, but also for the total satisfaction of our clients. Building a garden shed usually needs permission by the local building authorities. In this case, we can obtain all the necessary permits from the local building authorities for you.

Area Preparation

After the consultation, our team will come to observe the building area first handedly and make sure everything is in line with our building process. We will outline the garden shed’s foundation space, level the ground in case it is needed and remove all the stones and weeds from the area.

Building the Foundation

Weather elements such as snow and rain can cause your garden shed to rot and warp  with time when exposed. Building a strong and solid foundation will prevent this from happening and ensure that your garden shed can resist for a long time. Our team will make sure that the foundation will be solid and of high quality.

Flooring Installation

After the foundation has been finished, we will start installing the flooring. Our workers make sure that there are no open spaces between the foundation and the floor as it can cause warping with time.

Walls Installation

After the flooring has been installed, we will assemble and install the walls on the base. We ensure that the walls are as tall as per your requirements and the materials used are of high quality.

Roof Installation

After the walls have been installed, we will start to install the roof. As mentioned above, we offer a variety of roof styles that you can choose from. Our roofs are modern, stylish and with quality.

Exterior Cladding

After the structure is finally standing, our next step is to trim the rough structure with a beautiful palette that will make it look shiny and appealing. This is always something that you can choose, from adding exterior components to painting it in a color that you fancy. Our team will first cover the beautiful structure with a good claddering to ensure that your new garden shed will be weatherproof during the harsh weather conditions.


During this phase, most of the job has been finished and we will add the final touches. Planting the roof, adding hangers, pegboards, shelves or decorative elements not only makes your work in the garden easier, but it also adds to the overall value of your property. We will then remove all the rubbish caused from work and dispose of it at the nearest waste management area. Everything will be neat and clean when we finish.

Why Choose Our Garden Shed Services in London?

Daja Contractor Ltd is one of the leading building companies in London with more than a decade experience in building customized garden sheds that suit every need. Owning a garden shed provides convenience and safety for your garden tools. At Daja Contractor, we provide you with the best garden sheds in the market. Our team of professional and highly skilled workers aim to exceed our client’s expectations. We have a proven track of records with numerous successful projects throughout London. Here are some of the reason why choosing our garden shed building services might be the right choice for you:

Get Your Garden Shed Quick

Daja Contractor Ltd endeavors for finishing the work in a professional and a timely manner. Our team is experienced and knows what they are doing. We will deliver your garden shed project perfectly finished and in time.

We Increase Property Values

It comes as no surprise that adding a garden shed in your property will not only be convenient for your day-to-day activities, but also increase the curb appeal of your property. Garden sheds help you store your working tools and provide for a space for you to work additional gardening services. A beautiful and well built garden shed nearly always has a high resale rate that adds to the total value of your property.

Certified Crew

At Daja Contractor Ltd, we strive for quality and professionalism. Our crew is certified and consists of highly skilled designers, managers, engineers, workers and carpenters. We operate in a safe and secure manner.

Affordable Pricing

Here at Daja Contractor Ltd, we have competitive prices that provide you with the opportunity to get a professional service, at affordable prices. We ensure that the garden shed building project is finished within time and budget. We make sure there are no hidden costs.

Exceptional Customer Service

We take pride in being one of the best building companies in London with expertise in building garden sheds of every purpose. We work with integrity and make sure that our clients get exactly what they need. Our main objective is to fulfill our clients’ requirements and exceed their expectations.

Proven Track Record of Successful Renovation Projects

We have successfully completed garden shed building projects throughout London that have satisfied our customers, demonstrating our capacity to suit the needs of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does building a garden shed cost?
The price of building a garden shed will strongly depend on the size of your project – how big the shed will be, what roof style you will use, what kind of materials you will use etc. Here at Daja Contractor Ltd we provide garden sheds of high quality and at an affordable price. For the exact cost of the whole project, you may need to book a quota with us and get all the information you need.
Do I have to maintain my garden shed every year?
Preferably, you should maintain your garden shed continuously in order to prevent damages. By taking regular annual care for your garden shed, you will preserve the shed’s building material for a longer period of time. However, we offer maintenance and reparation services as well. In case your garden shed needs repair, get in touch with us and we can do it for you.
What is a garden shed used for?
A garden shed is a small structure, usually built behind your house or in a far proximity to it. Everyone with a considerate garden space probably has some gardening tools that they use. Owning a garden shed provides a safe and secure place for your tools, ensuring that they will not get damaged and you know exactly where to find them.
Do you install accessories that I have ordered with my garden building?
We provide you with all the service you may need. After the garden shed has been built by our professional team, we add the final touches and care for the aesthetics of the structure. At that phase, we can install the extra accessories that you may need such as pegboards, hangers and shelves.
How big should a garden shed be?
Generally, small garden sheds vary between 6-10 and 8-12 feet long. Large garden sheds can vary between 20-24 feet. There is no general guideline on how big your garden shed should be. The size of your garden shed depends on the storing space that you may need and your requirements.
What is the best garden shed roof style?
Differently known as pitched roofs, gable roofs are the most popular roof style for garden sheds nowadays. However, when choosing the roof style for your garden shed, you should always consider the weather conditions in your area. Gable roofs for instance are the most effective in areas with heavy snow and rain, as it drains the weather elements and does not let it stack on your roof.
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